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Welcome to the Forest Story Wiki!

Forest Story is an MMORPG (Massively Multiplayer Online Roleplaying Game) where players start out with a small clearing which they can expand to fit their imagination!

Forest Story. Fun for hours. Edit

This game starts you off with a basic closet, a small clearing, more forest that you can cut down, and a few starting crops. Clear away the weeds, harvest the crops, cut away the forest! Now you've got yourself a living space. You've wasted all of your energy. Oh, no! What shall we do? We can use food we got earlier from harvesting crops! Okay. We've refilled our energy. Now we're going to learn how to gift. First, you'll need a couple of friends. Add some! Another way to get energy is visiting friends and helping then in their forest, clearing away weeds, harvesting their crops/fruit trees, feeding their animals, or chopping down their trees.

The only place where you're able to play Forest Story at the moment is on GirlsGoGames. Click here to play:Forest Story on GirlsGoGames

Forest Story has been noted to have a stiking resembelance to Farmville on Facebook, but has more features.

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